Osradin was a large nation in the land of Dachalia. It was founded 700 years ago by a band of 20 dragons, tired of warring with each other and defending their hordes from murderous adventurers. They built their wondrous nation in a land populated primarily by barbaric dragonborn nomads, winning the loyalty of these proud natives by teaching them the ways of magic and metallurgy. Only rarely did the dragons need impose their wills by force, but when necessary, they did so without mercy.

Osradin allowed each founding dragon to rule a province of their own, with little interference from their fellow wyrms. A few basic, inviolate rights were granted to each citizen living in Osradin, and the nation’s military and foreign policy were controlled by a small central council. Beyond that, though, each dragon ruled their province as they saw fit. Some dragons were harsh rulers, others benevolent, but their ancient knowledge and jealous desire to make their own province greater than those of their neighbors soon made Osradin the greatest nation on Dachalia. Within 200 years of its founding, it was the wealthiest country in the known world, known for housing the greatest centers of learning, a powerful army and a diverse and, largely content, citizenry.

Though there were brief periods of war, both civil and with the barbarian kingdoms to the North, Osradin was at peace for most of its 700 years of existence.

That all changed 22 years ago. In the beginning, the decisions of Osradin’s draconic rulers took a cruel and capricious turn. Heards of livestock were slaughtered at random, then entire villages were relocated to inhospitable locales, and finally hundreds of seemingly loyal citizens were executed by dragonfire as enemies of the state. No explanations were given for these draconian orders and fear flourished across the land. Thousands of refugees began to flee to the barbaric nations of the North, now terrified of the leaders who had cared for them for generations. Some dragonborn generals began to speak of revolution, while others claimed the odd behavior of their masters was simply a test of loyalty. Civil war quickly spread throughout the land. The damage it caused to the fields and farmlands caused a horrible plague. It was thought that nearly a third of Osradins had died by sword, disease, famine or flame. Things only got worse from there.

After a year of madness, the dragon-kings of Osradin began to rampage as one, turning on civilians and soldiers alike. This dragonflight spared no city or village. Neither loyalist nor rebel was shown any mercy. Any citizen who attempted to communicate with their former rulers met with irrefutable, and often fatal, failure. Rumors began to spread that the nations of the North would try to intervene, but the dragons soon turned their sights on those lands as well. For a decade, the mad, unconquerable dragonflight raged throughout the world, annihilating any vestige of civilization in their path.

Then one day, it simply ended.

After ten years of rampant destruction, the sun took on an eerie blue hue. The shattered nation of Osradin knew an unceasing blue daylight for over a week. The sun then finally set, returning to normal the next morn. No dragon has been seen since. Some claim the dragonflight was finally defeated by the tiefling tyrants of Rakkima, others that it was removed to the heavens by the draconic gods Bahamut and Tiamat. Whatever the truth behind their disappearance, the vanishing of the dragons finally allowed the few surviving people of Osradin to emerge from the shadows.


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