The dragon rulers of Osradin were all struck by madness over 22 years ago and rapidly destroyed their empire. After completing their individual rampages, they banded together in a massive dragonflight and traveled north. They have not been seen since.

By the time they went mad, there were over 200 dragons known to be living in Osradin. Gold, red, bronze and blue varieties were the most common, though nearly all species of metallic and chromatic wyrm could be found. Although just as avaricious as others of their kind, most of the dragons of Osradin saw the wisdom of in cooperation amongst themselves and with the citizens of their empire.

One subspecies of dragon were not welcomed in Osradin: The catastrophic dragons, also known as the primordial wyrms, were hated by the rulers of Osradin. Seen as traitors to the gods Tiamat and Bahamut and portrayed enemies of all civilization, no catastrophic dragons were welcome in old Osradin. Great bounties were paid to adventurers who could slay these creatures. Even the dragon-kings themselves would sometimes band together in great hunting parties when a catastrophic dragon was sighted. Fear and hatred of these rare dragons was so great, it permeated the art and culture of Osradin, where they were often portrayed as evils worse than demons and used as the ultimate bogey-men in many folk tales and children’s stories.

Notable dragons:


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