Goliath leader of the Stone Crows tribe.


This aging Goliath has lead the Stone Crows tribe since it’s birth. He’s a tall, lanky man of about 55 winters and wears a patch of his heavily scarred left eye. Considered both clever and devious, old age and the many dangers of Osradin have taken their toll on this charismatic former bandit.


Before the destruction of old Osradin, “Kavak the Quick” was the leader of a small but successful group of goliath bandits operating out of the hills to the west of Tiam-Krey. A constant thorn in the side of the local authorities, the charismatic Kavak preferred stealth to force. After robbing the mansions of a half-dozen unpopular dragonborn bureaucrats in a single night, he was even briefly considered a bit of a local folk hero. This status was short-lived, however, once word got out that Kavak also robbed a temple to Bahamut, several poor farmers and a granary vital to the area’s food supply that very same evening.

As the dragons of Osradin began their rampage, Kavak realized that the complete collapse of civilization made banditry a decidedly less profitable endeavor. He took many refugees from Tiam-Krey into his band, hoping their divergent skill sets would help his own survival. He guided his people through a network of hidden passages in the hills and mountains, successfully fleeing from the dragonflight whenever it appeared.

After nearly a decade on the run, the Week of Azure Sun began and the dragons vanished soon after. Knowing time was of the essence, Kavak attempted to settle his people in the ruins of Tiam-Krey before any of their enemies thought to do so. Unfortunately, he was unaware that hundreds of people had been trapped beneath the city, and had long since turned to cannibalism, eventually becoming fearsome ghouls. Kavak’s people were chased from the ruins as soon as the sun set and over twenty ended up in the bellies of the undead madmen. In one of the few genuine acts of indisputable heroism ever attributed to the goliath, Kavak single handedly held a narrow alley while his people fled, saving the lives of many. After buying his crew some much needed time, Kavak himself was nearly killed when he finally attempted to flee, only to be unexpectedly saved at the last moment by his young daughter Kavouri. He didn’t escaped unscathed, however. Kavak lost both his left eye, and most say much of his confidence, after this disastrous encounter.

After being chased from Tiam-Krey, Kavak led his people, now known as the Stone Crows, west. For over a decade, they explored ruins, fought hostile tribes and did their best to survive in a hostile world. Kavak was generally considered a good, if not particularly noble, leader by the rest of the tribe, but some say that began to change he was first confronted with the Prepotency. Now, he leads from the rear, watching over his people in their new found home in the Crater. Several voices say Kavak should step aside, or be forced, from his position as leader. Even his detractors are hesitant to make a move against him, though. He still has powerful allies in the Crows, and surely a deadly trick or two remain carefully hidden up his sleeve.


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