Stone Crows

A tribe living north west of the ruins of Tiam-Krey, the Stone Crows were born when a large group of refugees found shelter with a small group of goliath bandits after the dragonsof Osradin began their rampage, over 20 years ago. A nomadic people, the Crows were shepherds, explorers, warriors and theives. Their simple lives were changed forever when confronted by the might of the Prepotency and chased from their traditional lands.

Forced to hide in the mysterious Crater, the Stone Crows are having trouble adjusting to their new lives and are unsure what to do next. Some call for war against the Prepotency, others wish for diplomacy, and a few seek only to return to the early days of

Notable Stone Crows

  • Kavak, wiley old leader of the Crows.
  • Kavouri, Kavak’s unhinged daughter, flush with the power of the Raven Queen.
  • Misa, meek dragonborn tinker.
  • Smiler, friendly Gnoll ranger, unquestioningly loyal to Kavak.
  • Sam Shepard, and old sheepherd still eager for adventure.

Stone Crows

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